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Three Blue Eyed Kittens

12 Brilliant Types – Which cat breeds have blue eyes

by Spencer

I have always loved cats with blue eyes but they are few and far between. After doing some research, I realized that there are many cat breeds with blue eyes.

So what cat breeds have blue eyes? Breeds that have blue eyes include Siamese, Ragdoll, Birman, Snowshoe, Tonkinese, Balinese, Thai cat, Javanese, Turkish Van, Himalayan, and Ojos Azules, and Ragdoll.

Other contributing factors cause one or even two blue eyes cats which are explained below.

What Causes Cats to Have Their Blue Eyes?

When you look into a cat’s eye, the colored part is known as the iris. Depending on the amount of melanin determines the color of the cat’s iris. Melanin is also what gives colors to other parts of the body including skin or hair.

Melanin has a brown and yellow tone, so you may ask how are blue eyes the result of melanin? The amount of melanin determines the color of the iris.  Without melanin development, your cat’s eyes will be blue.

Cat Tip!
If little to no Melanin is in your cat’s iris, they will have blue eyes.

Blue Eyed Kittens

Do All Kittens Have Blue Eyes? Yes, you will notice that all photos of newborn kittens show that they have blue eyes. When a kitten is born, their bodies are not producing melanin. In the first few weeks, it is impossible to tell if your kitten will keep its blue eyes.

A kittens body will start producing melanin around 4 weeks after birth. After that, they will start developing their eye color. Usually in the first 10 weeks, the iris will develop their true eye color. If though by week 8 your kitten’s eyes have not turned blue, you have a high chance that they will stay a shade of blue.

Does a cat’s eye color change as they grow out of the kitten phase? No, after the first 3 months there will be no additional color change to the iris of a cat’s eye.

Which Cats Have Sapphire Blue Eyes?

Cat With Sapphire Blue EyesEven blue eyes and tones are different between each cat. Some cats have light blue eyes but one cat stands out as having sapphire blue eyes. The Birman breed cat has some of the clearest blue eyes that you will ever see(also known as the sacred cat of Burma).

Another great breed of cat with sapphire like blue eyes is the Ragdoll. They are one of the most affectionate cats with a brilliant coat and blue eyes. I will go over each cat breed with blue eyes below.

Mainly pointed cat breeds will have a recessive Albinism gene. This will give them a rich bright blue colored eye. If the cat also has another gene that blocks fur/coat color, the cat will have blue eyes and a white coat.

Pointed Cats With Blue Eyes

You have probably seen a pointed cat before but didn’t know they were referred to as “pointed”. Cats with a light body hair color and dark tails, paws, and heads fall into this category. Siamese cats will always be classified as a pointed cat.

They fall into the albino/white color type and will always have blue eyes. Depending on the type of Siamese cat though they will have different tones of blue irises. The Lilac Point Siamese cat has a very light blue shade almost looking grey. The Seal Point Siamese have a deeper blue iris which will appear as a sapphire blue.

White Cats Explained

If you have an almost completely white cat, you will see two different colors of eyes (blue or orange). If your cat is an albino they will have pink or blue colored eyes (true albino cats will not be able to produce any pigment). On rare occasions, cats have been known to have two different colored eyes(heterochromatic ).

One eye is blue with the other will be a light green or gold color. This is due to a condition known as heterochromia iridis or also called odd-eyed. Many of the same breeds of cats discussed above can produce different colored eyes and will be present 12 weeks after the kitten is born.

Do White Cats Have Disadvantages?

Just like white cats have blue eyes due to the lack of melanin in their iris, this may affect their hearing too due to genetics. Do white cats have a better chance of becoming deaf over others? Yes, unfortunately white, blue-eyed cats stand the highest chance of becoming deaf.

Deafness Percentage in White Blue-Eyed Cats:

Coat Color Eye Color Hearing Loss Percentage
White Non-Blue-Eyed Cat 17- 20%
White Odd-Eyed Cat or One Blue Eye 40%
White Cats With Blue Eyes 65 – 65%

Cat With Green and Blue EyesThe interesting thing to note is that cats with only one blue eye will always have deafness in the ear that corresponds to the blue eye. Always take precautions if your cat suffers from deafness. Make sure to keep your cat indoors and away from busy areas with a high volume of traffic.

Your cat may not be able to hear cars driving by or predators in the area. Some owners may not notice the issue but your vet will be able to run tests if you are unsure. Be patient with them if you notice a problem.

White Cats and Vision Problems

Will white cats have vision problems as well? No, your cat is not more susceptible to blindness if they have a white coat. Cats, in general, are prone to vision problems and it is good to review this article from Cornell about some of the possible problems

Are Cats With Blue Eyes Common

White cats are a smaller population out of all cats but are not considered rare. About 5% of the cat population is white and eye color will vary here as well. Out of the 5 percent, you will see cats with non-blue eyes and a variation of blue.

Many of the breeds of white cats that can have blue eyes include:

  • American Shorthair
  • Devon Rex
  • European Shorthair
  • Maine Coon
  • Oriental
  • Persian
  • Siamese
  • Siberian
  • Turkish Angora
  • Turkish Van

Do many people wonder if more female cats have blue eyes over males? The answer is that they both equally have shown up with blue eyes. This is great news if you have a preference between either male or female.

Blue Eyed Cat Breeds Continued

Earlier I discussed what type of cat breeds have beautiful blue eyes or a possibility of other colors. Here are the top breeds and some of the characteristics that make them unique.

Cat Breeds With Blue Eyes:

Cat Breed Eye Color Cat Characteristics
Ragdoll Blue Ragdolls are great people cats that love to be held and will follow you around the house. They have magnificent sapphire blue eyes and happiest when with people. The main reason they got the name “Ragdoll” was that when you go to pick them up the will go limp in your arms.
Siamese Blue Siamese cats are one of the oldest cat breeds and are very popular around the world. They have brilliant blue eyes and are known as a “pointed cat” due to their colors. Siamese cats are great with people but do not necessarily like to be left alone.
Snowshoe Blue Usually, you will See a Snowshoe with a masked face and bright blue eyes that will make you sign any adoption paper. The Snowshoe originated in the United States in the 1960s and got its name for having white paws. These cats are full of energy and are very vocal. Purebreeds will always have blue eyes but mixed can have varying eye colors.
Himalayan Blue The Himalayan is a fluffy coat cat that was first created in the early 1930s. This breed was known also as the Siamese Persian Cross. There was a large desire to get the pointed coat from the Siamese but with different fur coats. You can’t miss these fluff balls with light blue eyes.
Javanese Blue, Green Javanese are intelligent cats that have great communication skills. They are similar to the Siamese cat and have a very muscular, athletic body that is very lean and long. The Javanese are playful, intelligent, and very active so be prepared to spend some quality time with this cat.
Tonkinese Blue, Green/Grey This breed is the best of both worlds, combining both Burmese and Siamese. Tonkinese are very trusting and affectionate cats that are also very intelligent. You need to make sure and give Tonkinese cats plenty of attention because they can become very lonely or bored. These cats are great for the indoors and don’t fair well outside due to their trusting nature.
Ojos Azules  Blue Eyes This is one of the rarest cats on this list which makes having one even more desirable. This cat breed is known for its strikingly blue eyes which is where this breed got its name from. Ojos Azules translates in Spanish to “blue eyes”. Besides the radiant blue eyes, this breed is playful, smart, intelligent, and very active.
Turkish Angora Gold, Green, Amber, and Blue Another rare longhaired cat breed that is from Europe. The White Turkish Angora commonly has odd eyes with one blue and a varying color for the opposite eye(heterochromatic ). This breed will make your jaw drop with how intelligent and easy they are to train. Some say that they can do basic problem-solving. With beautiful coats of fur and brilliant eyes, the Turkish Angora makes a wonderful companion.
Balinese Blue, Blue/Grey The Balinese breed was named by the elegance and sophistication that they presented similar to the dancers in Bali Temples. Their blue eyes very but many have very deep blue colors. With their silky smooth coats and well-mannered nature, they make a great house cat that gets along with other animals.
Birman Blue The Birman cat is one of the larger cat breeds with a medium-long coat of hair. Usually, the Birman cat will select one person to bond with and will need regular affection and grooming. With its long coat, it is always a good idea to comb their coat to reduce matting. You will always know when you see a Birman. Just look for the large cat with white mittens and a pointed coat.

Video of Cats With Blue Eyes:

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